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Don’t buy a mattress online

You can’t try it before you buy it. A mattress is essential to your health and well-being. You spend 1/3 of your life on your mattress. So, why would you make such an important decision without actually lying down and experiencing a mattress for yourself?

To overcome this obvious drawback for their customers, some online mattress companies offer a 90-day sleep trial with the idea of allowing you to try their mattress out in you home, then send it back for a refund if you don’t like it. Some other companies offer component mattresses, with loose layers of mattress materials inside a zipper cover. In this case you build the mattress yourself and then switch out components for firmer or softer parts that are supposed to fix comfort problems. These “no risk” purchases may sound good on their face. But, the negative consequences inherent with online mattress sales are many.

The customer experience tends to be awful.
Online mattresses often fall well short of expectations in both comfort and quality. In fact, a typical return rate for mattresses that are purchased sight unseen is about 20%. One main reason for the inferior quality of online mattresses is shipping costs. Finished, high quality mattresses, made with high quality materials are big and heavy. UPS and USPS will not deliver them. So they need to be shipped using a Common Carrier freight company at a cost of between $500 and $1000. To mitigate this cost, some online mattress sellers ship their mattresses in small parts and have you build the mattress yourself. The result is a mattress with loose layers of materials inside a zippered cover. These don’t hold up over time compared to a mattress that has its components bonded together and finished by professional mattress manufacturers.

Other online mattresses companies compress and roll pack mattresses in order to make them small enough to ship via UPS. It is impossible to do this with a mattress that is made with high quality materials such as natural latex and high quality spring units. "So, these “bed in a box” compressed mattress" have to be made from low quality polyurethane foam and cheap spring units. To make matters even worse, 20% of customers will want to return the mattress and won’t have the benefit of a mattress roll packing machine in order to UPS it for return. It ends up being an extraordinary project to find packing materials sufficient to pack a mattress up and arrange for a trucking company to pick it up.

It’s an environmental disaster
This leads to the environmental implications of the online mattress selling business. Mattresses are large and typically last about 5 years. Most are made with crude oil-based polyurethane foam and, therefore, do not biodegrade in a landfill. Because of this, today’s chemical laden, polyurethane- based, mattresses are environmentally problematic to begin with.

The recent increase in the online selling of mattresses is making matters even worse. Shipping mattresses across the country has a huge negative impact on the industry’s carbon footprint. When they are purchased sight unseen, about 20% make a round trip only to be tossed into a landfill increasing the pollution even more.

It is illegal to resell even a slightly used mattress, so returns need to be thrown away. Some of the online companies claim they will donate their used mattresses to charity. However, since the bed bug epidemic that started around 10 years ago, charities are less likely than ever to accept donations of used mattresses. So, in addition to producing an absurdly large carbon footprint, online mattress companies will add hundreds of thousands of these large non-biodegradable mattresses to landfills each year. if consumers continue to support this destructive online selling of mattresses.

Buy natural. Buy local.
Healthy Choice Organic Mattress was founded 8 years ago with the idea of providing mattress options that would be chemical free and environmentally friendly. Understanding the inferior customer experience and the dangerous environmental impact of online sales, we also opted for a more customer friendly and environmentally sound business model. We have comfortable showrooms with helpful staff. Our customers can take their time to understand how each of our many options can work to meet a person’s specific needs in terms of comfort and support.

Our mattresses are hand made locally, in Connecticut. The natural latex and organic wool that make up 98% of our mattresses contents are sourced in Connecticut and Massachusetts. Our mattresses are pickup up at the factory and are then delivered directly to our customers. Our incredibly professional installers will even pick up your old mattress and bring it to a recycling center. Paying close attention to the environmental impact of our business, Healthy Choice touts the lowest carbon footprint of any mattress company in the country. Healthy Choice Mattresses are of such high quality, that they last many times longer than a typical mattress. When their useful life is over, they won’t add to landfill problems, as they are biodegradable.