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The Most Sustainable Mattress Company in America

Healthy Choice has the most comfortable mattresses available anywhere. But, you can’t buy them online. In fact, we will never sell mattresses “online” because we are committed to sustainability. Of course our mattresses are chemical free and made with only high quality natural and organic materials, organic wool, organic cotton and 98% pure natural rubber (the other 2% is fatty acids and soaps, no chemicals). But, in addition to providing products that are healthy for its customers and the environment, a truly sustainable company must also consider how its business model effects local communities, the local economy and of course the health of the planet.

Everything about the online mattress business is antithetical to sustainability.

10% to 20% of mattresses sold online are returned after being used. It’s impossible to tell how an online mattress will feel. So, millions of Internet mattresses make a round trip across the country because they don’t meet customers’ expectations. They don’t sleep well on these mattresses because are often far less comfortable and supportive than advertised. Some even emit a noxious chemical smell. So, what happens these millions of returned used mattresses? Some do get recycled and a scant few even get donated to charities (Most charities can’t use King or Queen size beds and don’t want used mattresses that may have bed bugs). The rest, a huge majority, get thrown away and end up in a landfill. To make matters worse, almost all online mattresses are made using cheap polyurethane foam, which is a crude oil-based, chemical laden, foam. Some claim to be more “eco-friendly” and rather than polyurethane, they instead use what they call “natural latex” which contains at least 20% synthetic latex which also contains toxic chemicals. Either way, landfills are exploding with barely used Internet mattresses as they are not biodegradable and languish there for thousands of years

At Healthy Choice, our return rate is almost Zero because our customers love our mattresses. To start with, Healthy Choice mattresses are all incredibly comfortable and supportive. There are dozens of options in each of warm relaxing showrooms for you to try. Each person has a different mattress need based on his or her body weight, body shape, sleep position, and firmness preference; some even have specific health issues that can be helped by there bed. Our retail shops are staffed with helpful mattress experts. They each have decades of experience and training in how a mattress works your body. Instead of trying to “sell” the most expensive bed, they work to fit each customer with the perfect, most comfortable bed for him/her. This kind custom personalized experience in a Healthy Choice showroom may seem like it’s from a bygone era. But, a byproduct of this fantastic customer experience is almost every mattress we sell works beautifully and will be enjoyed for at least 25 years.

Healthy Choice mattresses are biodegradable. Our mattresses do not contain any petroleum based products, and we don’t use any polyurethane foam, polyester fiber, chemical glues,, toxic flame retardants, or even a small percentage of synthetic blended latex. We only use natural and organic materials like 98% pure Talalay rubber (the other 2% is fatty acids and soaps), certified organic wool, and certified organic cotton. You can sleep easy, knowing that after many years of enjoying your pure, clean chemical free mattress, it won’t burden a landfill, because its biodegradable.

Online mattresses travel thousands of miles before they arrive in your home, not sustainable. Many are made in China, some are made in Canada, a few are even made in the United States. But, there is no doubt that every mattress sold online travels many more miles using exponentially more carbon based fuel than locally made mattresses.

Healthy Choice Mattresses are made locally and delivered locally. The primary ingredient in our mattresses is 98% pure rubber Talalay. Although the actual rubber sap comes from Shri Lanka, it is processes and made into cushioning material in Shelton, CT. This material travels about 13 miles to our mattress manufacturing plant, where the layers of Talalay are bonded together and fitted with our beautiful organic cotton and wool quilted cover. The finished mattress is then professionally delivered and installed in the Tristate area. It is safe to say that our mattresses travel fewer miles than any other mattress sold in the US.

Killing main street and local jobs is not sustainable! An important aspect of sustainability is supporting local communities and maintaining local economies. It’s no secret that main street retail and local manufacturing have been under extreme pressure from technological and global economic changes. Buying a mattress from a giant online company that manufactures in China and ships mattresses via UPS will hasten the shuttering of main street retail shops and the destruction of local manufacturing jobs.

An important aspect of sustainability is maintaining a healthy local economy. Everything we sell at Healthy Choice Organic Mattress, including our mattresses, adjustable beds, pillows, blankets, sheets, comforters, mattress protectors, etc., is made in the United States. (We are unaware of any other mattress company anywhere that can make this claim.) Our mattresses are made right here in Connecticut using Natural Talalay that is also manufactured close by in Connecticut. Our beautiful “Main Street” retail showrooms are an integral part of every community in which we operate.

Cheap online mattresses don’t last. Shipping a real, high quality mattress across the country costs between $500 and $1000. To reduce this cost most online mattress companies make their mattresses “UPSable”. To do so, they either manufacture their mattresses using cheap polyurethane foam that can be compressed, and rolled packed into a UPS friendly box or they sell them unassembled and ship them in pieces that you put together. Either way, the useful life of cheap “UPSable” online mattresses ends up being only about 5 to 8 years. Another aspect of sustainability includes not being wasteful. Replacing your mattress every few years and throwing the old one away is far from sustainable.

Quality Healthy Choice Mattresses can’t be shipped by UPS. It’s widely known that our mattresses are designed to be incredibly comfortable, chemical free and environmentally friendly. But, to fit with our company’s focus on sustainability, they are also fully manufactured (no parts to put together) using only the highest quality, most durable natural materials. You can’t roll pack our high quality mattresses into a UPS friendly box, not even close. In fact, our main mattress ingredient, 98% pure natural rubber Talalay, is at least 20 times more resilient than any polyurethane foam, including Memory foam. Mattresses made with this pure rubber are known to last for 30 or 40 years without indenting or sagging. We are confident our mattresses will maintain their incredible comfort and support over time; they are backed with an industry leading 25-year manufacture’s warranty against 1” of indentation.

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