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Organic Pillowtop

Organic Wool Pillowtop

If you do one thing to improve the quality of your bed, we absolutely recommend adding a organic pillowtop to your bed. Time and time again, our customers tell us, and we agree, adding an organic wool pillowtop makes all the difference in creating a restful night's sleep.

Since wool is the most breathable of all bedding materials, your body will love sleeping on top of our organic wool pillowtop. Creating a natural sleeping surface is the best thing you can do for your body. We hand craft our organic wool pillowtop using Premium Eco-Wool batting tufted between 2 layers of organic cotton fabric. These pillowtop are designed to lay flat on top of the mattress without shifting. By adding this pillowtop to our exquisite mattresses, you will experience one of the most luxurious sleep surfaces ever imagined. We guarantee that you will enjoy this wonderful addition to your bed.