5 Principles of Helathy Choice Organic Mattress


- The vast majority of mattresses on the market today are filled with harmful chemicals that either leach into your skin, or produce off gassing which you breathe in every night. Healthy Choice mattresses are made only with Organic materials. The mattress cores are made of natural rubber, which comes from the sap of the rubber tree. Our covers are made from natural fibers such as organically grown cotton. These covers are filled with all natural wool from organically raised sheep. No polyurethane, no toxic chemicals, no off gassing period. Our all organic mattresses are a Healthiest Choice for you and your family.

Pressure Relief

- The top layer of all Healthy Choice mattresses is designed to mold to the shape of your body, this allows for significant reduction in pressure points on your body. If you currently sleep on an innerspring or coil mattress, you are more than likely tossing and turning on average 60-100 times a night. These pressure points are caused by the coils pressing into your body and limiting blood flow. As a result the body repositions itself to allow for proper blood flow. Our mattresses reduce pressure points as much as 80% allowing you to get a much more peaceful and deeper sleep each night.

Spinal Alignment

- Many people suffer from back problems today, anywhere from mild to debilitating. Your mattress can be a very important part of either helping with the problem or making it even worse. Innerspring or coil mattresses offer uneven support for your spine, often times you will experience a dip in the mid-section of your mattress, this happens because the middle section or lumbar area of our bodies is the heaviest and requires the most support. A coil mattress does not account for this causing your spine to be improperly aligned all the time, causing you pain and discomfort. Healthy Choice mattresses are made with all natural latex and are designed to offer even support for your whole body, helping to alleviate the pain and discomfort you are feeling on your innerspring or coil mattress.


- The vast majority of mattresses are made with covers that are constructed from synthetic materials such as polyester. These materials do not allow for breathability. While you may not think of it, the breathability of your bed is very important. Heat and moisture build-up near your body often times cause you to feel uncomfortable and as a result you will toss and turn. Healthy Choice utilizes only all natural fibers such as bamboo, cotton and wool. These natural fibers allow for free circulation of air around your body as well as wick moisture away from your body. The result is less tossing and turning and a deeper more restful sleep.

Old Fashioned Quality

- Healthy Choice mattresses are handcrafted by local workers using only the highest quality natural materials. The result is an exclusive line of mattresses with unparalleled durability. The average spring or coil mattress has an expected life span of about 7-8 years. This is due to the fact that over a very short time the metal fatigues and begins to sag, especially in the middle of the mattress where the heaviest part of our bodies rest. Healthy Choice mattresses are made with all natural rubber cores. Natural rubber has been proven to be by far the most durable and long lasting mattress core available. Your Healthy Choice mattress comes with a Twenty-Five year warranty. This means that you can rest easy knowing you have invested in a mattress that you will be enjoying for a long time to come.