Healthy Choice Mattress warrants your Healthy Choice Luxury Mattress for a period of 15 years against defects in workmanship and materials.

Your mattress will be replaced or repaired, at our option, should it be found defective because of faulty workmanship or structural defects other than specific limitations contained herein. It is understood that this does not include normal increase of softness in the foam, which can occur during a normal breaking in period. Substitution or use of improper foundations, platforms or other bases upon which the mattress is placed, may result in damage to the product. Should the consumer utilize an improper base or foundation, causing the product to default, the warranty may be voided. It is incumbent on the consumer to maintain the foundation and provide appropriate support for the mattress. We recommend the purchase of a matching foundation at the time of mattress purchase. The warranty does not include any deterioration of the foam, with an indentation of less than 1.5 inches, not associated with a sag in the foundation, box spring or platform or mattress.

If such a defect appears during the fifteen (15) years of this warranty, we will, at our option, either repair or replace the mattress at a handling cost to be paid by the purchaser. The ticking cover on the mattress is warranted for five (5) years for defects in material or workmanship. This warranty is valid only to the original purchaser of the product as indicated on the original sales invoice. Law tag must not be removed from original product as this identifies the product regarding warranty and original invoice is required and is the only acceptable proof of purchase. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state. In order to provide the most optimum sleeping surface this premium product contains only the finest quality materials. As with all premium sleep products certain body conformity adaptations will take place as your mattress adapts to your particular body shape and type and any peculiarities in your spinal alignment or bone structure. This is to be expected and is part of the performance of your mattress. Our representative or designated agent shall make the final determination regarding repair or replacement.

We do not warrant our product as a remedy for any specific medical condition and do not warrant against any complications resulting from the use or inability to use this product. We do not warrant individual comfort preferences, smells, sheet fit or height issues resulting from purchaser's bed frame size or headboard style. Should this warranty be exercised and your product replaced and/or repaired the warranty will not be extended or renewed. Terms and service related in this warranty shall be the consumer's sole and exclusive remedy should the product fail during the timeframe stated here in. We make no warrant beyond those terms and conditions stated. Please retain this warranty and your original invoice for fifteen (15) years.

At Healthy Choice Organic Mattress, we would like all of our clients and customers to understand that while we warrant all of our products for workmanship and quality, the materials that we use are 100% natural and therefore may incur a marginal body impression. Indentations in your organic mattress of up to 1.5 inches are considered normal and expected with these types of natural materials.

While we strive to provide the absolute highest level of customer care (and ultimately satisfaction) we would like our customers to consider the environmental implications of replacing an entire mattress due to a slight body impression. wrinkling of the fabric, loose thread or other minor inconvenience.