Organic Blankets | Bedding

The blanket industry is booming. A blanket should be cozy and natural, but some are not made that way. Many blankets are made of synthetic materials and use chemicals that are potentially harmful to human health and the environment. That’s why we make our blankets out of organic cotton. They’re warm and durable, and they don’t have any toxic chemicals or materials.

Depending on the weather, the time of year in your area, and how warm or cool your bedroom gets at night, you’ll need different types of blankets. There are two kinds of blankets. Heavy ones for colder weather, and light ones for warmer weather. Then there are the blankets we take out of the bedroom, either to the living room while watching a movie or reading, or those we take outside to events, picnics, and the beach.

When choosing an organic blanket, you want one that’s versatile, soft, and durable. One that’s thin enough to carry around yet heavy enough to offer you warmth during cold weather. Better yet, if you’re living sustainably you want a throw made ethically using sustainable materials. That’s why an organic cotton blanket is a perfect choice.

Today, there are lots of environmentally friendly, sustainable, and organic blanket options that will spruce up your home or simply keep you warm on those cold days and nights.

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