Innerspring mattresses are one of the oldest and best-known types of mattresses. Most people are familiar with this type of mattress and probably grew up sleeping on one. They are the most popular type of mattress, available in a variety of firmness and sizes.

An innerspring mattress has a metal coil support system wrapped in fabric and padding material, such as cotton. The coils are typically made of steel, connected to each other with wire, and sometimes covered with fabric.

Innerspring mattresses are affordable and an excellent choice for budget-conscious sleepers. They also offer a range of comfort levels to suit different preferences.

If you like a bed with firm support, an innerspring mattress can be helpful. These mattresses tend to be bouncy and feel more responsive. Some people feel that they allow them to sleep cooler. Today’s innerspring mattresses often include a layer of plush cushioning over the top of the coils. They typically offer better edge support, which many look for in a mattress.

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