What is the Better Sleep Council?

The Better Sleep Council (BSC) is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to providing education about the importance of getting a good night’s sleep. The organization works to raise awareness about the impact of sleep on overall health and well-being, and strives to promote healthy sleep habits and behaviors. The Council works to provide information to consumers on the importance of having a comfortable and supportive mattress, pillow, and bedding products in order to improve sleep quality.

What You Need to Know

Good sleep is essential to a person’s overall health and well-being, and a quality mattress is an essential part of a good night’s sleep. To help consumers make informed decisions when selecting a mattress, The BSC has established standards for mattress quality. In order to meet the BSC’s standards, a mattress must:

  1. Be constructed with quality materials that are durable and will maintain their shape over time.
  2. Have appropriate cushioning and support to ensure the mattress is comfortable and provides the necessary support for the body.
  3. Be free from manufacturing defects or materials that could be potentially hazardous to the user.
  4. Have labels or tags that clearly identify the mattress’s size, fill type, and any additional features.

In addition to meeting these basic standards, the BSC also suggests that consumers consider their individual needs when selecting a mattress. Factors such as body type, sleep position, and personal preferences should be taken into account when choosing a mattress.

The Better Sleep Council is dedicated to providing consumers with information and resources to help them make informed decisions when purchasing a mattress. By following the BSC’s standards for mattress quality, consumers can ensure they are investing in a mattress that will provide them with a comfortable and restful sleep.


The Better Sleep Council is an excellent resource for people who are looking for information about sleep, mattresses, and bedroom furnishings. It provides reliable, unbiased advice and insight into the world of sleep, helping consumers make informed decisions about the products they purchase. With its helpful articles and resources, the BSC is an invaluable tool for anyone who wants to get the best possible night’s sleep.


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