What is the SPSC?

The Sleep Product Safety Council (SPSC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the safety of sleep products and informing the public about potential hazards associated with the use of mattresses, bedding, and other sleep products. It is supported by the International Sleep Products Association (ISPA), a trade association for mattress and bedding manufacturers and suppliers. The organization works to inform consumers about the importance of using safe sleep products and encourages them to take steps to ensure their sleep environment is as safe as possible. It also works to identify and eliminate dangerous sleep product-related hazards.

Ensuring a safe night’s sleep

Founded in 1989, the SPSC is a non-profit trade association of mattress and bedding manufacturers, retailers, suppliers, and other industry stakeholders.

The SPSC develops and maintains safety standards for sleep products. These standards are designed to reduce the risk of injury or death associated with sleep products, and they are regularly reviewed and updated. In addition, the association provides resources such as buyer’s guides, safety tips, and product recalls.

The association also works to ensure the safety of sleep products through its certification program. This program certifies sleep products that meet the safety standards set by the organization. Certified products are tested for flammability, structural integrity, and other safety factors, and must meet all of the organization’s criteria before they can be certified.

The Sleep Product Safety Council works to ensure the safety of sleep products through its enforcement program. This program investigates complaints about sleep products and enforces the standards set by the organization. If a product does not meet the safety standards, the organization may take appropriate action, including issuing warnings, product recalls, or civil or criminal penalties.

The SPSC is committed to providing a safe sleep environment for all and is dedicated to ensuring the highest quality and safety standards in the manufacture and sale of sleep products. By adhering to its safety standards, educating consumers, and enforcing its certification and enforcement programs, the SPSC plays an important role in ensuring a safe night’s sleep for everyone.


The Sleep Product Safety Council is a valuable resource for anyone looking to find reliable information about sleep products and their safety. The Council’s commitment to providing unbiased, reliable information and resources to its members is commendable and should be commended. By combining the expertise of its members with the latest research and technology, the Council is helping to ensure that consumers can have peace of mind when it comes to the safety of sleep products.